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Futon Mattresses

Our Futons are made from Fibron™ Cotton Batting. For over 100 years we have blended the highest quality cotton to produce our exclusive Fibron II™ cotton batting. Our high standards ensure that Fibron II™ batting is both soft and comfortably firm. The result is a futon mattress that provides a great deal of loft and support. 

Fibre Foam

In 2002, we began to manufacture, through an airlay system, our own high quality Fibre Foam pad 2” thick with a density of 2.8 and the longevity twice that of regular polyurethane foam. The process still continues today with a variety of Fibre Foam thicknesses for the most comfortable and durable foam pads for our mattresses.


Our quality Innersprings are constructed using hardened steel in both 13.5 and 13 gauge wire. Our IS-5 is manufactured with a 13.5 gauge spring for solid support. Using the 13 gauge spring allows for a firmer feel to our IS-9 mattress.


Full Standard 6 " Futon Mattress
Cotton 4-5# Batts
Fibre Foam 1 - 5# Medium Density
Cover 100% Polyester


Full Deluxe 8" Futon Mattress
Cotton 3-5# Batts
Fibre Foam 2 - 5# Medium Density
Cover 100% Polyester


Full Preferred IS - Spring Futon
Cotton 2 - 7# Batts
Fibre Foam 2 - 3 1/2# Wrap Medium Density
Cover 100% Polyester
Coil 288 coil count bonnel unit 13 gauge


  Infinity 10" Futon Mattress
Cotton 3 - 7# Batts
Fibre Foam 1 - 5# Medium Density
Poly 2 - 3" Poly Pads
Cover 100% Polyester


Our mattresses conform to and pass all federal fammability standards.